Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well, below is the start to my latest painting. I suppose I should explain how I came to the idea for this painting.
I had a lovely friend who was in a hostel. ( Aged care facility) At lunchtime or tea time the staff rang a hand bell and all these beautiful chronologically challenged people started to file out of their private rooms and form a file of sorts down the corridor. They were in wheelchairs, on walkers, had walking sticks etc etc. There were 95 year olds, 85 year olds and younger and older, frail and robust. It used to make me smile, as I watched the procession, often falling into step with my friend Betty who at 86 did very well in the walker race. She could balance a cup and saucer of tea on her walker and make the return journey to her room. Exhausted !!
So this painting is an ode to them. Hopefully it will be happy.


magicmyst said...

I salute the chronologically impaired or challenged! The painting is looking good, you have been busy. Like the color scheme.

Wendi. S. said...

thanks MM. I think by the time I finish this painting, I will be ready to join on the back of the line.