Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think the time has come to put the paintbrush down ! If I keep fiddling I know i'm going to mess it up. Had a critique from my sister tonight. She loves it. ( phew) And was suggesting another couple with oldies in them.
I like the colours, and I like a couple of the characters in here. The little skinny old lady was a nana of a couple who got married not long ago. The little old lady in the purple, is taken from my stepfathers nursing home. she always has her walker strewn with flowers and matching earrings and matching outfit. The man walking looking behind him, represents my stepdad, who is daily succumbing to the vascular dementia/ alzheimers, thing and goes from quite vague one day, to escaping the next. The scene is one often seen in nursing homes and hostels, and I love watching them fall into line, some zooming along with their walkers, some just following. Its a light hearted look at a subject where I have no doubt, that I will participating in, one day in the future. Hopefully by then, they will have abba piped thru the speakers and the nutbush set for excercise morning !!


magicmyst said...

Love the steam coming out of the grandpas head.

Wendi. S. said...

Thankgod, you explained your comment !! LOL