Thursday, September 25, 2008

This has been a bit of a frustrating excercise. Normally I would be inspired by a colour to work to. This time, I am limited by the materials I have to work with. Purchased a set of wings at the 2 dollar shop, and some cheap beads all in pink. I would put pink and red flowers together, so have decided to run with the pink angel wings. I have cut them in half. Then plucked some feathers off the back, and made a feature on the left hand side. I had an old red earing- one of, so decided to put it on the righthand side of her face. I remembered that I had a pair of pink studs, that had never been worn, so one adorns her nose and the other, under her lower lip. I could keep fiddling, I could dip the ends of the feathers in a food dye to tone them down a bit. But honestly, I'm mentally exhausted tonight, and am actually over this masquerade mask by now. . As for now, its back to doing what I do best.