Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Picked up my latest painting from the framers today. Have I told you that I hate choosing frames. I have to be honest, its harder than painting the picture. A frame can make or break a painting, I think. Armed with good advise, I have been choosing pale mount board and frames to match. But, when I get this latest one home, I make a cuppa and stare at it. Does it do it justice.....who knows. And to top it off, I've realised that, I haven't photographed it before it went to the framers.......a huge no no on my part.
So, I've tried to get a shot now, and I feature in the glass.......grr. Oh well. Lesson, always lessons. This is a painting of one of my fellow artists a good friend of mine who goes by the name of Kris. She was having her lunch at a cafe one day, and I thought, yep. She would make a great painting. Anyway, I now have this painting in readiness for our group exhibition in march. Now I need to concentrate on some smaller more affordable paintings. I dont usually work small, so it will be good to do something different.