Monday, September 22, 2008

I have an idea !!

Alot of the masquerade masks that I saw were venetian inspired. They had a lot of swirls and marks around the eye area. I went scuttling out to the bowels of my art cupboard, where long, long ago, I played around with some paint that I could make t.shirt art with. I used a lovely gold, and it had a nice raised effect. Now I just had to pray that the other bottles hadn't dried up. I had to put a pin down the neck of a few as they had blocked, and had a few swearwords when the liquid blobbed out, out of my control !! I then thought, i will put a few scrolls here and a few scrolls there, and forgetting the old kiss principle ( KEEP, IT, SIMPLE, STUPID) I kept scrolling and flicking and adding, and feel, I have slightly overdone her.

I also have the bowels of a sewing basket, where I used to do crafty things, ( back in the days where I was even stupid enough to darn hubby's socks !)

Well in there , I found what I was looking for, a bag of doll hair, all brown and curly. Dont know if it will work. I really dont want to buy anything for this manequin. The ones on the web, had beautiful feathers............hhmmm........Lot of cockies in the back tree- only joking, they might shed them or something. Anyway, I am now going to go into the bowels of my beading tins, yep,,,,,,,,that was in my " jewellery phase" I figure, I may have some lovely jewells, that I could use..............somewhere.........God knows how this mask will turn out.

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