Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi all. Today I've added a work in progress. I'm still in my oriental phase as you can tell. I sketched up my idea of Quan Yin, who is a goddess of woman, and health and all things good. I wanted a lot of movement, and etheral colours and serenity, and Instead, I've thrown in orange and mauve and turquoise, and its NOT what I wanted. So many things going around in my head, I cant settle on one thing. My artistic planner in my head is like a washing machine its freaky in there, water going one way, soap powder the other, socks have been mixed in with tea towels........, so is it any wonder this piece is Not serene, and not calming. Whinge, whinge, bloody whinge. I think I need to get a dose of sweetmango's blog and use " calm" as my mantra.


magicmyst said...

Hey Wendi, I am loving this piece. The colors are awesome. Definately not calming though. The orange is zingy. The movement that you have captured in the body language looks like she is going to be swishing off the page. Beautiful.

Wendi. S. said...

Hey Kay. Maybe I'll rest it for a while. Try and sort the washing and hang it in the wind so I'll be left with something fresh to start on.