Thursday, July 02, 2009

You may remember the dogs I painted for my friends 50th birthday. Well, they were such a hit, Her friend always admired them, and now it is the friends 50th birthday. So my friend Nise, and her other friends, have commisioned me to paint this 'girls' dogs. She has two little dogs, so I've been given the photos of those two. VEry fluffly......please read........OMG, where are the eyes, how on earth do I find a personality, with no eyes ??
She also has the Love for a little terrior, that passed on last year ( passed on, I sound like a spirit reader don't I ??)
I was trying to work out, how I would place them on the paper. My original thought was that, I would paint the two Live dogs, in the foreground and then in the back, have the little terrior, floating with a little halo on its head.
Nah, Not working.
so, end decision was to paint the dogs, as many sketches as I could of them. and intersperse the " dead" dog, thru oat.
This is a work in progress as I will try and breathe some life into this painting.


Jade E. Henderson said...

very cute dogs! Especially the Silky Terrior. It's hard doing placement when you don't have photos of things all in the same space hey, doin good tho!

Wendi. S. said...

Thanks Jade, its damn hard especially when I'm trying to make dogs that someone will recognise as their own. Oh well , its all in the journey isn't it.

magicmyst said...

Hi Wendi, it is looking good. Don't give up!!!

Wendi. S. said...

thanks Kay, I'm adding more dogs. Its getting there, slowly but surely.