Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gifts for friends are probably one of the hardest things to paint. Instead of just getting in the zone, you dont seem to relax into the painting, because, it has to be special. Instead of just evolving on the paper, this piece has taken weeks to finish. Every time I came back to do some more on it, The more I saw. I laboured over this painting, and therefore doesn't have the flow that I imagined it would have. I will hand this piece over tomorrow, and watch my friends face, hoping upon hoping that I have captured her family as she sees them.
After speaking with my friend and mentor this arvo, I have decided to focus on what I do best instead of trying to be all things to different people. Lots of people can paint portraits and landscape, but not everyone does my whimsical look on life.
So from now on, I will be concentrating on being true to myself, just painting one style and giving it 100%.


sweetmango said...

I agree 100% with this view...YOUR art is what makes it stand out from the crowd, because it is YOU, it is unique.
I love YOUR art, keep doing that, like you said, focus on developing and refining your style. you cant possibly lose.

magicmyst said...

I am glad to see this piece finished too. I could tell your spontanaiety was lost on it. Every week, a little refinement. The end product though is lovely. Well done for seeing it through!

Jade E. Henderson said...

Oh your friend will love it! It's a touching piece!
and YES please continue with your style its beautiful and clever! But painting pieces like this, in a style that is different to your hearts call, also helps you analyse and look at things differently, which in the end, can only help you! It's good to get out of the comfort zone every now and then.
I found this new guild so its a european guild but hey, might be useful to watch and be inspired by. It officially opens May 3 or something? Maybe later they'll let you join as an honorary european or something heehee

Wendi. S. said...

s/mango,thanks for confirming what my friend said.XXX
Kay- Thanks, it was a struggle, mainly because the son in the picture has passed on, and I stressed, that I captured his personality, I was slightly freaking out, thinking she would say, that doesn't look like him. She did though like it very much, and has made a day for us both to go to the framers together. XXX
and Jade, thanks, that is why I have been doing both styles, but she has made me realise, it isn't helping me focus on my priorities. Have bookmarked the site you suggested !! XXX