Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well here they are- Snuffy and Pepe........dah dah..........Funny, once upon a time, I thought that all Maltese dogs looked alike, but not so. Poor Pepe, is a bit facialy challenged, with his underbite, so i decided to paint him smiling, so he looks a tad handsome. And little Snuffy, well he is just too pretty to be a boy. As with all my pics, I hope my friend looks at these and bonds!!


Anonymous said...

The paintings are gorgeous, and I'm sure your 50 old friend will love them - however, if I am to comment on the doggies themselves - how could they possibly compare to moi?
I must say that I am feeling a little neglected - I don't even have an underbite so you don't have to pretend with me - my natural "expressiveness" shines through - and actually I think I would make a wonderful accessory to a Yummy Mummy with my Gay Pride Jumper!!!! In case you didn't realise - this is from your nephew, Charlie!!!! xxxxx

Wendi. S. said...

Charlie boy, thanx for the comment. I think we'll wait a tad till you have matured a bit more, before we attempt to get you in for a sitting. I think by that time you may have moved on from your gay pride jumper into leather. Your cousin colby boy has a leather jacket and he struts his stuff when he wears that. Being the loving aunty that I am, I did look at you critically the other day for consideration, but the lack of eyebrows was a worry. But don't you worry, I have plenty of black pastel and I could fashion a pair that would do your gay pride jumper proud.

Anonymous said...

Hmph! I might not have dark eyebrows - but the're there! And my long curly eyelashes have all the girls drooling!!!!!!!!!!!